monitoring system

A comprehensive system to keep your business safe

Home Guard Security Solutions provides the latest in cutting edge technology to create a comprehensive, integrated solution that will keep any size business safe. Peace of mind for an employer is key to productivity and stress reduction so take solace in the fact that your business is safe.


Sometimes a single well placed camera is all that is required to discourage would be intruders, shoplifters etc. Home Guard Security Solutions offers a wide variety of the latest in camera technology that can keep your business safe from shoplifting, fraud, and intrusion by providing clear, up to date footage of key areas in your business.

unique security solutions tailored to your needs

Video Surveillance Solutions

We also integrate our cameras with other systems such as burglary and intrustion to create a comprehensive solution that keeps an eye over your entire business. Also from our own UL listed and FM approved monitoring station in Anderson, SC, we keep an eye over each client’s system, being your constant on-duty sentry.

Another feature we offer is Hosted Video, taking the burden of recording and maintain video away from you and storing all footage in the cloud providing easy access for both you and us.

Our Full line of cameras include:
  • HD and megapixel IP/network with up to 5 MP resolution
  • Fixed cameras
  • Fixed dome cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • PTZ domed cameras

Catch criminals in the act

BlueVue24 is our own cutting edge surveillance product that not only alerts you to crime in progress but actually records it. No more checking security tapes the day after a crime happens, but instead BlueVue24 records and sends a 10 second clip of the crime in progress.

Great Day or Night

Integrated PIR motion sensor, digital camera and infrared illuminators give the sensor the ability to work at all times of day

Remote Device

Makes the perfect remote device to keep watch over job sites, air conditioning units, cables and other easily pilfered items

Perfect Indoors

Indoors these make great additions to any security arsenal, passively keeping watch over your home and family

No Power Needed

Completely wireless and battery powered perfect for watching remote locations. Holds up to 24 video clips.

Videos of Actual Incidents